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Top Ten Schwag Ideas For Your Next Event

Are you searching for the best schwag to boost your brand? We have carefully crafted our top ten schwag ideas for your next event. You might not realize it, but custom schwag can really help your company stand out at meetings, conferences, expos, trade shows, and other events. Plus, your employees, clients, and customers will love these giveaway ideas. It’s a win-win for everyone!
What’s one of the most challenging parts of having an event? Finding the best schwag! Don’t worry though, we have got you covered with unique promo ideas that are sure to be a big hit by any attendee. Many people look forward to their swag bag, but most promo items ends up in the trash. We will help you make sure that doesn’t happen at your next event. So, what’s the secret to choosing the best swag? Let’s get started…

Are schwag items effective? Absolutely! Done right, schwag can be an effective way to increase your brand exposure, build customer interest, strengthen employee loyalty, and make significant connections. The right giveaway ideas won’t end up in the garbage. They will end up being kept and used, oftentimes repeatedly. This is the goal of custom schwag, it provides continuous marketing without added cost or efforts to your brand or company. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! These items are not only adorned by recipients, but admired by friends, family, co-workers, and others.

Is custom schwag a good investment? Yes! Promotional Products is one of the best investments you can make to maximize your marketing efforts. We have an extensive selection of unique promo ideas for any type of event or budget. When you do the math on many of these items, you will find that the cost ends up being pennies per impression. The cost of this form of advertising is lower than television, online advertising, magazines, and newspapers! That’s why custom schwag is so important. It truly gives you the most bang for your buck AND it continues long after your event. In addition, customers and clients are more likely to do business with a company that gave them the best schwag. In this situation, giving away something for free can go a long way in building your business and creating professional relationships. Let’s go over the best options for any budget. These marketing ideas will yield a strong return on investment that any company or cause is sure to appreciate

Best Schwag Options

The best schwag is… Useful, High-quality, and Unique.
Useful To start, the best schwag is useful. If it’s not useful, it will most likely end up being tossed. Useful schwag ideas will get used more, taken to more places, complimented, and bragged about. To choose the best schwag items, consider what your customers and clients would enjoy. How will they use it? Will they travel with it? Does it fit into their daily routine?
High-Quality Next, is your custom schwag high-quality? Again, if it’s not it will likely end up in a trash bin. You want to select schwag items made from durable quality materials that will last a long time. This will ensure that your items continue to promote your brand for many years to come to really get the most out of your marketing budget.
Unique Lastly, the best schwag is unique. You want it to stand out from the rest of the schwag items. To do this it needs to be attractive, eye-catching, and different than the typical giveaways at trade shows and events. If you need assistance choosing the best schwag, then contact our incredible customer service professionals. We can help you find the perfect fit for your needs, preferences, and budget. Listed below are 10 unique promo ideas to get started.

10 Unique Promo Ideas

1. Reusable Tote Bags Custom tote bags are the superstars of any promotional event. Why? Everyone needs a bag to sport their stuff and store their items. They are not only useful but affordable. We’ve got a tote bag for any budget! And, for the number of impressions they generate for your brand, they produce a great return on investment. Tote bags also come in handy after events. As plastic bags are being banned, reusable tote bags are becoming increasingly popular. Take advantage of this prime promotional space that allows people to be a walking billboard for your product, brand, or cause. Our totes are versatile and great for daily use. We can help you customize these with your logo or design. You can easily match the colors and materials to fit your style.
2. Custom Pens Writing instruments are always a welcome gift at events. This custom schwag is useful, inexpensive, and long-lasting. Everyone needs something to write with, so why not make it interesting? We have a huge assortment of popular pens, pencils, highlighters, and combo pens to feature your promotional info with ease. We can add your business name, logo, website, or additional info. Our state-of-the-art-quality printing will ensure your customized logo pens have a long, adventurous life no matter who they meet!
3. Hand Sanitizer Now it’s more important than ever to have hand sanitizer. Show recipients you care about keeping them safe and healthy while you boost your brand recognition with a custom hand sanitizer. This is one of the best schwag options available because it’s useful and meaningful. At a large event where many people are shaking hands, this item is guaranteed to be used frequently. And frequent use is ideal for any custom schwag item. We have many affordable hand sanitizer choices including traditional gels and sprays. You will love our options for custom bottle sleeves, caddy straps, and silicone leashes. This allows recipients to find these items quickly for easy access.
4. Water Bottles Everyone needs a reusable water bottle. Why not create custom schwag that allows your marketing message to effortlessly flow into the lives of everyone they come into contact with? Our custom bottles are eco-friendly, practical, convenient to fill, and easy to carry. And because they are reusable, they will promote your brand on a daily basis and receive thousands of impressions throughout their lifetime. We have custom water bottles available in different designs, materials, and colors. Looking for something to really “Wow” recipients? Check out our 17 oz Collapsible Silicon Water Bottle. It’s sleek and compact for any business professional on-the-go!
5. Hats and Headwear Get ahead of the competition with custom hats and headwear! Our completely customizable headwear is perfect for keeping eyes on your brand all year long. This is one of the best schwag options for people of different expertise and ages. Custom headwear can be worn for various purposes. A cap can cover up a bad hair day, protect you from the sun, and keep your head warm. We have stylish ballcaps, beanies, visors, headbands, and more. We can help you choose the best option for your brand and budget.
6. Custom T-Shirts People love custom t-shirts. Among all the ideas, this one is a fan favorite! Promotional t-shirts provide a creative opportunity to feature your brand with a unique design. They can transform a trade show into a memorable occasion. We have short sleeve, long sleeve, tank tops, turtle necks, and more. Choose from different styles and materials such as v-necks and cotton blends. There are endless possibilities to customize these products. Our talented team of professional artists are available to edit an existing design or craft a new one just for you. Personalized shirts can add fun and laughter or professionalism and unity to any business event.
7. USB Flash Drives Custom USB sticks are a great way to boost your brand in a flash! One of the best options is personalized flash drives. These unique items are a convenient solution for storing and transporting important info. They promote your brand while making it easy to share photos, PDFs, presentations, brochures, catalogs, and other data. We have many stylish options to choose from, including USB pens! Want custom schwag that stands out? View our CloudStick flash drives. This USB flash drive transfers files wirelessly! How cool is that? You can connect with up to seven users to view your data. These will definitely be the talk of any event!
8. Personalized Portfolios and Padfolios There are plenty of uses for custom portfolios and padfolios. They are sleek business tools that enable you to transport office items while advertising your brand. These are one of the best options for looking prepared and professional. People love to use these savvy custom schwag options for keeping appointments, taking notes, and writing down important info. They instantly make you feel more confident upon entering any office. You can select various styles with functional features like pen holders, tablet pockets, laptop sleeves, and charging stations. Zip it up and you are good to go to your next destination. We can customize any of these promotional items to suit your brand. Want to add a logo, image, text, or clever design? No problem! And don’t worry if you don’t have a design. Our expert artists on staff are available to create one just for your event.
9. Custom Keychains Want to know the key to impressing any crowd? Custom keychains! This is another one of the best options that are cost-effective and extremely useful. Designed right, our personalized keychains will be a fan favorite that gets a lot of repetitive daily use. Talk about an effortless way to get your logo directly into the hands of customers! Recipients will appreciate having a unique and thoughtful gift to keep their keys secure and organized. View our intriguing custom keychain options. We have something for everyone, including keychains with screwdrivers, measuring tape, and LED lights. Want your company to shine in the eyes of participants. Gift them our easy-to-use LED Ultra Thin Aluminum Keychain that features three bright white LED lights.
10. Fidget Spinners Are you fidgeting to know our last top custom schwag idea? Fidget spinners are a fun and trendy way to leave an impression on any audience. Recipients of all ages will love the surprise of receiving a custom-made toy in their schwag bag. Get ready for a good time with these playful promotion items. They are guaranteed to reduce stress and add laughter to any event. They will also propel your marketing efforts to new levels as recipients see your logo over and over and over… again.
Now that we have covered our top ten schwag ideas for your next event, contact us to get started. We will assist you in creating the best swag bags to maximize your marketing efforts and build professional relationships that will last a lifetime.

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