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The Best Promotional Items

So you’ve decided to show your customers how much you appreciate them. Great! Showing
a genuine appreciation for those you do business with takes your business to another level.
Your next step? Choosing one or more promo gifts that will make your clients lives better!
It doesn’t matter if the promo items are small, large, inexpensive, or costly, what matters is
choosing the promo gifts that will make your clients say Wow, Thank You!
Since promotional merchandise includes brand name custom promotional products, what
better way to promote your company than by connecting with one or more globally
recognized brands?

There are certain brands that people recognize, and love, and by your associating with
these brands, you’re getting the benefit of automatically boosting your company’s brand
reputation. The trick is to be sure you choose the best brand names that connect with your
niche, as this allows you the ability to offer your clients some of the best and most unique
promotional items.

Choose Promotional Products That Stand Out

The list below includes recommendations on which brand name promo items to avoid right
now, and which ones to choose at this particular time.
Avoid: Cheap Water Bottles Instead, Choose This: Vacuum Water Bottles
Basic water bottles are a dime a dozen. It seems like everyone is carrying some type of
water container around with them these days, making a quality water bottle a great promo
gift. High-quality water bottles tend to last much longer when compared to basic water
bottles, allowing your promo water bottles to be seen for many years!
This promotional product is one that your clients will surely appreciate. You can add your
business’ name and/or logo to this 16 oz Black Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle by choosing
silk screening or laser engraving, which means you have personalization options. This BPA-
free water bottle includes a wide mouth opening, spill resistant lid, and a double wall
construction that keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12
You can choose to imprint this really cool vacuum water bottle only on the front side, or as a
wraparound print. Wow!

Avoid: Boring Monthly Planners instead, Choose This: Custom Deluxe Planners
Monthly planners are extremely popular in the business world. They’re not only accessed
every single day, many people will bring their planner with them wherever they go. Since

most planners tend to be quite boring, giving your clients a really cool high-quality planner
that includes lots of features is sure to make them happy.
This promo product is sure to provide you with the maximum exposure you need to stand
out from your competition! The Marquis Weekly Executive Planner includes a yearly
calendar, an expense record, and is available in many trending colors. Spiral bound and a
padded cover make this planner easy, as well as comfortable to use. Anyone would
appreciate receiving this everyday use promo gift!
Order 12 or more and pay only $16.60 each! 25 or more brings your cost down to $15.80 per
Avoid: Plain Pens Instead, Choose This: Stylish Pens
While plain writing pens indeed work, ask anyone who uses pens in their everyday work or
home life if they would prefer using a plain pen, or a really cool high-quality pen. Quality
pens will win every time!
This functional BIC® Worthington® pen is perfect for everyday use! This pen differs from
others in that it’s a Two-Piece Roller Pen with a glossy lacquer finish, and 22K gold-plated
accents. Impressive, right?! The name of your business and/or your business’ logo will be
imprinted on these popular promo gifts using laser engraving. Finished imprinted pens are
placed in a velour sleeve, which not only protects the pen from scratches, it also adds a
level of class.
Imprinting this promo gift includes one line of repeating copy, OR personalization on the cap.
Avoid: Calendar Magnets Instead, Choose This: Large Calendars
Calendar magnets tend to be too small, making it easy for them to disappear into the
background. Large calendars are instead a better choice, as they’re much more visible, and
thus are much more likely to be used on an everyday basis.
We can customize your large promo calendars in order to make them look exactly how you
want them to look! This Large Hanger Calendar is an impressive size at 18” x 28”, making it
a popular promotional gift choice. It’s a commercial calendar that includes a variety of
captivating photos, making it so it’ll easily blend in with any business. There’s a large space
underneath every photo for your business information, reminding recipients about your
business every single day.
If you’re considering using calendars as one of your promo gifts, now is the time to order for
Avoid: Regular Sunglasses Instead, Choose This: Bamboo Sunglasses
Where’s the fun of wearing regular sunglasses? Generic sunglasses are everywhere, making
them quite boring instead of fun and unique. Since a company’s brand and reputation
supports its success, this cost-effective promo items is one that will easily get your brand
Whether they’re used for workplace incentives, corporate gifts, or event giveaways, high-
quality sunglasses make fantastic promotional gifts for clients. This pair of Bamboo
Sunglasses is currently trending, making them a great promotional item for both men and
women! Eco-fashion is in right now, making these bamboo frames and smoky lenses a
perfect promo gift for any client. With a UV protection of 400, these sunglasses will surely
be a welcomed gift by your clients.
Production turnaround time on this promo item is only 3 working days!
What are Your Promotional Goals?
Selecting promotional items that are in line with your business helps ensure your success.
If you happen to need help finding the best items so you can meet your promotional goals,
we have a team of specialists who can assist you at any time. So please feel free to contact
us at your soonest convenience if you are in need of assistance.
Our team is here for you!

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