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How to Design A Logo

Ready to design a logo for your business? Great! Whether you're looking to update your current logo, or you’re starting a brand new business, understand that logos are an important point of identification for your company’s brand. The overall goal of creating the perfect logo, is that whenever someone sees it, they’ll instantly think of your business. Once you've designed a logo for your company, you'll then need to choose one or more promo product's to place your logo on, as this is definitely one of the best ways you can promote your company. Connecting with Brand Names As a business owner, when you choose to connect with one or more brand names, knowthat you’re business is going to be noticed more quickly, which is exactly what you want! There are many different brands that people now use on an everyday basis, and by your associating with these brands, you're getting the benefit of automatically boosting your company's brand reputation. Nice! Using our promo products simply allows your brand to promote its message, which is
easier when you’ve got a great logo. Keep in mind that you’ll need to incorporate your message into your logo, which means you not only want your new logo to be visually appealing, you also want it to invoke certain emotions and feelings in people when they see it. For example, what do you want people to think when they see your logo? How do you want them to feel? What kinds of emotions go hand in hand with your type of business? These are all questions you need to keep in mind when designing a logo to represent your company. When someone sees your brand’s logo, they should instantly associate it with your business, as well as understand your distinctive point of view.

Ready to start the designing a logo process? What Exactly is a Logo? So what exactly is a logo? A logo is simply a visual representation of your business, and is used as a way to help identify your business. This straightforward explanation of what a logo is should not be underrated, as logos do play an extremely important role when it comes to giving your clients an overall sense of the characters and values connected to your business. Because your logo is a symbol of your business’s identity, many times this is the first thing your clients will see when introduced to your company. This makes it essential that you make sure your logo sends the message you want to send! Since there are three different basic kinds of logos for you to choose from, you'll need to carefully evaluate each kind in order to choose one that you feel best represents your business. You can choose a font-based logo, a logo that includes abstract symbols, or a logo that includes literal illustrations. Or you can choose to combine them. Since logos make it much easier to recognize your brand, when you choose to add your logo to any number of brand name promo products, you’re doing what’s necessary to make your brand stand our far above the rest of your competition. So simple, yet so effective! The bottom line here is that logos give your business an identity, project a professional image, and should make a fantastic impression on those who find your business for the very first time. Your logo is the face of your business, allows for fast brand recognition, drives consumer decision-making, and ensures your business truly stands out. Some of the more important elements to designing a logo include choosing a design style, choosing the right colors, and choosing the right fonts.

How to Design a Logo: How many logos can you think of that connect to famous brands? While there are many iconic logos that we all associate with, like Nike, Toyota, Target, and McDonald's, there are also many logos that are easily forgotten. As a business owner, it's your job to make sure that your logo isn’t seen as another generic logo, and instead, you need to take the time to ensure that your logo is going to be one that gets noticed! The trick to designing your perfect logo is to create a logo that’s not only instantly recognizable, but also 100% represents the brand of your business. Understand that your logo is going to define your brand's identity, making it essential that you take your time so as to be sure to create a logo that you’ll be happy with for the long haul. If you already have a lot of inspirational ideas in mind, great! You've now got a good starting place for designing your logo. You also want to be sure to check out your competition, as creating a logo that's too similar to your competition is definitely not recommended! Instead, you want to choose a logo that’s completely different from your competitors, allowing you the ability to stand out far above them.

Below is a list of 4 easy to follow steps you need to take in order to design a perfect logo for your business. Ready to get started?

Step #1 – The Self-Discovery Phase
Researching your niche is the first thing you need to do when starting this first discovery phase. Even if you already think that you know everything there is to know about your
chosen niche, you'll still benefit from doing some research in order to learn even more about your chosen niche. When it comes to what audiences want to know about a company
so they can decide whether or not they want to give them their business, they want to know their story.

What’s your story? The fact that there's so many businesses competing against each other nowadays, makes your story an essential part of your success! For example, say someone
wants to buy a particular product, and they have 100 businesses to choose from. What can you do in order to make them choose your business? What makes your business stand out
from the rest of your competitors? Your story. When you share your story, it allows everyone who's considering doing business with you to learn more about your company. You can choose to focus on how you built your business, why you decided to work in your chosen niche, as well as any other important information you would like to share about your brand. Storytelling is definitely
necessary in today's highly competitive world of business. Since you’ll need to very carefully, and very thoroughly, look deep into your brand as to create a logo that presents a clear and solid message about your business, know that brainstorming is also a must during this first phase of designing a logo. How do you go about starting the brainstorming process? Let's get you started on the right track! The list below includes some ideas that will get you started on the brainstorming process.

  • Make a list of words that describe your business, and then make another list of synonyms for your chosen words. Now choose no more than 10 words that you feel best describes your business.
  • Make some basic drawings that are based on your above chosen words. Feel free to draw multiple drafts, and be sure to include any shapes or designs that you feel will enhance your end logo, i.e. circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, organic.
  • Choose your colors wisely! While the high majority of logos include color, it's essential that you choose colors that make your logo stand out from the rest.

Choosing 3 complementary, or 3 contrasting colors to start out is a great idea. Understand that while choosing colors that are associated with the brand of your business is a great idea, knowing how certain colors invoke certain emotions is recommended. For example, orange represents joy and optimism, green represents balance and serenity, red represents confidence and ambition, and blue represents professionalism and success.
Step #2 – Explore Your Designing Options Once you've performed some research, and have gone through the brainstorming step, you should now have a list of words that associate with your business, as well as some basic drawings and color choices. Now it’s time for you to start exploring your designing options. Excited yet? You should be! When you're able to create the perfect logo for your business,
you’ve just accomplished something that's going to be a large part of your promotional marketing tactics. The first part of this second step requires you to take 5 of your top rough draft logo choices, and then share them with everyone you know. What you're looking for is some honest feedback from people you trust, which is going to help you fine-tune your design. Now you just need to take any feedback that you get, and try to incorporate this advice into your design with the goal of overall improving it. Remember that you're designing your logo for your target audience. What is it that you think your target audience would want to see? What other brands does your target audience buy on a regular basis? Learning more about your audiences buying decisions, as well as what their favorite brands are, allows you the insight you need to create a logo that your audience will respond to. Whether you're still trying to figure out what your target audience wants, or already have a good idea of what they want, creating a vision board is a great way for you to post all of your words, images, designs, and color combinations together! Creating a vision board allows you to easily see all of the ideas you have for creating your
logo at a glance. You can even choose to create more than one vision board! Just be sure to not overwhelm yourself with too many logo ideas, but if you do, know that the next step requires you to start finalizing all of the details of your logo.
Step #3 – Honing, Finalizing the Details. When it comes to perfecting and finalizing your logo, one of the more important things you
need to make sure you get right is the layout. Your entire logo design needs to be perfectly formatted in order for it to properly transfer to your promo items. A flawlessly laid out logo design is essential when it comes to formatting logos, as this allows your logo to be placed on any promotional item, and still look professional. Also consider how well the colors you chose for your logo will display on other colors, as
well as how your logo will look when placed on both light and dark backgrounds. You want to be sure that when your logo is used, it’s easily viewable, as what's the point of creating a
great logo for your business if it can't easily be seen, and accordingly recognized? When it comes to which font will best represent what your business is all about, understand that fonts play a very important role, probably more than you think! There are literally thousands of fonts available for you to choose from, with each font representing a unique personality. For example, serif font represents tradition, respectability, and
comfort. Script font represents elegance, and creativity. Lastly, you want to make sure that your logo can be imprinted on anything you want, and still look great! Once you create a logo for your business, you're surely going to want to use it on multiple platforms. This includes on your website, on your social media pages, and on all of your promotional items. Once you have a viable draft of the logo you want to represent your business, you can then choose to hire a professional freelancer who has plenty of experience creating original logos. Or you can choose to use one of the many online free logo design platforms if you have the confidence to try and attempt creating your logo yourself. Know that if you attempt to create your own logo design yourself, and then figure it isn't
working out, you can always hire a professional logo designer to provide you with a 100% deliverable logo.
Step #4 – Choose Monterey Promo to Imprint Your Logo! Once your logo is finished and ready to use, it's time to contact us so we can imprint your new logo on one or more of the brand name promo items we offer. How exciting! Using promotional items to make your business stand out from the rest is one of the more important things you can do to promote your business. Once you’ve designed your logo, it’s now time to place it on one or more promo items so you can make your business stand out far from the rest of your competition. Do you already have an idea of which of the brand name promo items available will align with your type of business? The fact that there are literally thousands of famous brand name promo items you can choose to connect with nowadays, makes it necessary for you to give some serious thought to which promo items are going to best represent your company. The list below includes a variety of brand name promo items, allowing you the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities available to you so you can connect with famous brand names. How well will your logo display on these popular promo items? Apparel. Apparel is one of the more commonly chosen brand name promo items you can choose to promote your business nowadays. Which of the below apparel items are in a line with your business? This Hanes® Adult Workwear Pocket T-Shirt is a popular promo item, and comes in 6 trending colors. The cotton poly blend, the 50+ UPF protection, and the oversized pencil stitch pocket makes this t shirt one that everyone wants! Where would you like your logo placed? On the full front, the full back, the left chest, the right chest, the left sleeve, the right sleeve, or the yoke? Or how about this Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt made by American Apparel? This classic tshirt style is one that can be dressed up, or dressed down. Available in 9 different colors, and in sizes small through 2XL, this American Apparel t shirt with long sleeves includes features like shoulder to shoulder taping, 100% combed ringspun cotton, and a 1” double- needle bottom hem. Classic caps make great promo items! This PUMA Adult Pounce Adjustable Cap is available in 6 trending colors, including high risk red, and vibrant orange! Your logo is sure to stand out on this classic cap, as it'll be imprinted right on the very front. Top features include an adjustable strap, 6 panels, and moisture wicking abilities. Cool! How about choosing a lightweight jacket that can be thrown on before heading out the door? This Bella & Canvas Piped Fleece Jacket is a promo splurge! It's only available in classic black with white trim, and includes lots of beneficial features that simply makes this promo jacket stand out. Just imagine how your logo will look when imprinted on this high-quality jacket! or colder weather climates, this Fleece Scarf With Pockets is a perfect apparel item to promote your business! We'll place your logo on the convenient pocket built right into this 100% fleece scarf, making it easy for anyone who receives this classic scarf to always be reminded of your generosity. Which color will best ahow your logo? Black, gray, navy, royal blue, forest green, or red? Drinkware. There are many brand name promotional items available under the umbrella of drinkware. How about choosing a promo coffee mug, water bottles, or custom drinking
glass? Why choose this Basecamp Sequoia Coffee Mug as one of your promo items? Imagine how your logo will look when imprinted on the front of this currently trending coffee mug, or as
a complete wrap around. This coffee mug is available in black, white, and graphite, making it a traditional mug choice. Which color best fits in with your company’s logo? Or maybe this Corkcicle® Coffee Mug - 16 oz. better fits in with your company’s brand? Since there are many different styles of coffee mugs you can choose from, you're sure to find one that perfectly fits in with your brand. This particular coffee mug is triple-insulated so it keeps your hot drinks hot for at least 3 hours, and comes with a nonslip bottom, as well as a spill resistant lid. Nice! Anyone would enjoy using this fashionable and convenient 20 oz. Sip-n-Go Glass Water Bottle! Available in black, blue, and red, we’ll print your logo on the front of this wide mouth clear drinking bottle, making it so your logo can easily be seen. Because this glass
drinking bottle is BPA-free, it falls under the umbrella of a healthy drinking bottle. This 16 oz FUNtainer® Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Spout made by Thermos® is sure to be a welcomed promo gift! Available in matte black, cool grey, and lavender, the Thermos® brand is well-known for its quality water drinking bottles. This particular water bottle is one that keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. Wow! We can print your logo on the frontside, or the backside, as it's simply up to you where you want your logo placed. These 12 Oz. Iced Out Vinay Stemless Wine Cups are trending right now, and therefore
make for a perfect promo product choice! Available in ice gold, ice silver, and ice rose, these really cool wine cups convey class. Top features? It’s BPA-free, made using stainless steel, has a double wall construction, is vacuum insulated, and includes a non-slip bottom. Imagine how your logo will look on this classy promo item! Tote Bags. Just about everyone carries a tote bag with them everywhere they go nowadays. Since tote bags are now seen as a necessity, this type of brand name promo item is quite

This basic yet high-quality Cotton Canvas Tote Bag offers 5 different color strap options to compliment this really cool neutral-colored tote bag. Made using 100% cotton canvas, the size of this promo tote bag is a convenient 15" x 14.5" x 3", making it so it can be used for so many different things! We’ll place your logo right on the front of this super accessible promo tote bag, making it easily noticeable. Or maybe this Emporium Tote Bag better fits in with your company's brand? Made of polyester, this impressive tote bag includes a 3 7/8" gusset, as well as 20" handles. These little touches are what people tend to appreciate in today’s tote bags! We’ll print your logo right on the front of this popular tote bag, so anyone who sees it will also see your original logo. Step it up a level by offering this Essential Side Pocket Non-Woven Tote Bag w/Insert as one of your promo products! Available in classic black, royal blue, and red, this high-quality tote bag is a perfect choice for those who are always on the go. You can choose to print your logo on the front of this woven tote, or the back. Just let us know what you prefer, and we'll make it happen. Anyone would appreciate receiving this Hanging Toiletry Tote as a promo gift! Available in black or red, just imagine how your logo will look when displayed on the front of this convenient toiletry tote. This extra roomy travel bag includes multiple zippered compartments, and a strong hanging hook, making it a perfect gift for travelers. Nice! We'll print your logo on the front of this Heathered Non-Woven Cooler Tote Bag, reminding those who see it on a daily basis about you and your business. Made of non-woven, water- resistant polypropylene, this tote bag is one that will surely last for many years to come! The foil laminated PE foam insulation is what keeps foods placed in this bag cool for hours on end. Super handy! Food Treats. Who doesn't enjoy being the recipient of a delicious food treat? Choosing to add your logo to brand name food treats ensures your business will be remembered! How about choosing Chocolate Covered Almonds as a way to promote your company? This
box of chocolate covered almonds, along with your logo placed right on top, is sure to be a perfect way to get your brand noticed! Once the recipient has enjoyed consuming their treat, they can still use the box to keep any number of things in. Yum! Maybe you would prefer offering Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews instead of almonds covered with chocolate as a treat to represent your company? You can simply choose the same type of promo box, which includes your logo right on top, and instead of choosing chocolate almonds you can choose jumbo cashews. So versatile! Which treat do you think your audience will enjoy more? This box of Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels is professionally wrapped and ready to go! It also includes a fancy gold ribbon, giving it that extra touch. Your logo will be placed right on the front of this box of delicious sea salt caramels covered in chocolate, reminding everyone of your generosity. Anyone who receives this promo item will definitely feel special! Or maybe this box of Cocoa Dusted Truffles is a better fit to represent your company? We’ll also place your logo right on the very front of this attractive package of truffles that are lightly dusted with delicious cocoa. This promo food item is one that looks more like a holiday gift vs. a promo gift, so just imagine how excited your recipients will be when receiving this promo food treat! This box of highly treasured and delicious English Butter Toffee treats comes in the sam type of packaging as the above box of truffles dusted with cocoa. The difference is that instead of truffles, this promotional food treat is one that offers English butter toffees! Since you can mix and match your promo products, you can choose to offer both treats when promoting your business. So easy! Office Items. Anyone who owns a desk will appreciate receiving a brand name office item. Some of the more popular office related promo items include pens, notebooks, and stress relievers. So simple! Everyone uses pens, making this everyday use item one of the best promo products you can choose! For example, we offer multiple styles of BIC® pens, including these BIC® Emblem Stylus Pens, these BIC® Lyric Pens, and these BIC® Emblem Metal Pens. We can print your logo either on the barrel, or the clip. Which do you prefer? This simple yet fashionable Eco-Friendly Recycled Cardboard Notebook w/Pen is currently trending right now! There's a huge focus in today's world on using eco-friendly, as well as recycled products, and this promo product checks both boxes, which makes this a perfect promo item for businesses who care about the environment. Your logo will be placed right on the top, making it easily viewable. The small 4” x 6” inch frame of this promo Photo Frame Clock will sit perfectly on any area of one’s desk. Any photos inserted will take up about 2/3 of the frame, and includes a convenient clock that includes date and type directly underneath the photo. Your logo will be placed directly underneath the clock, making it so anytime someone looks at this frame, they'll instantly see your logo. Cool! Or maybe you think this Three Nook Desk Organizer will make a great promo product for
your company? Available in black, blue, and red, this three-compartment desk organizer already includes matching binder clips, paper clips, and push pins. The compact design simply makes it easy for office workers to keep organized. Your logo is on the very type of this desk organizer, making it easily viewable. Stress reliever promo products are hot right now! This 4-Leaf Clover Stress Reliever is just one of the many handheld stress relievers we offer, as many people living in today's world experience some form of stress. You can choose one stress reliever promo product to represent your business, or multiple stress relievers, as it’s up to you to decide!

Logo Designing Tips
Below is a list of beneficial tips that will help you design the perfect logo for your business!

  • Keep it simple. Starting out with a very simple logo design is recommended, as you may find that a minimal logo design is all you need! Examples of simple logo designs include Apple, Facebook, NBC, UPS and FedEx. Try creating your logo in only black and white first. This allows you to place a focus purely on your design, instead of your colors. Once you're happy with your logo design, you can then begin to implement colors into your logo.
  • Even though using no more than three colors in your logo is recommended, as the more colors you use, the more expensive it's going to be to reproduce your logo, don't hesitate to use more colors if that's what you're brand requires.
  • Avoid using any clip art or generic symbols, as these icons are commonly used in order to create original logos. Doing so will most likely put your logo into a broad category of logos that simply aren't memorable, or even noticeable!
  • Make sure that your logo is completely scalable. The scalability of your logo directly relates to how well your logo will look when placed on different types of mediums, as well as on different-sized mediums.
  • Don't be afraid to break the rules, or think out of the box when creating your logo!
  • Consider how relevant your logo will be in 20 years. Do you think it's still as relevant as the day you created it? And because you ideally want your logo to last forever, be sure not to base your logo design on any current trends. Ready to Benefit from Your New Logo? What better way to promote your company than by connecting with one or more globally recognized brands? Now that you’ve read the above how to design a logo information, you’ve got all the information you need to start creating your new, original logo. At Monterey Promo, we can customize any promo item you want using your custom logo design. Any questions? We’re here for you!
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