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Fundraising Ideas

Unique Fund Raising Ideas for Non-Profits,

Thinking about hosting a fundraiser as a way to promote your company? Smart! While most people tend to think only non-profit organizations participate in raising money activities, those who own their own business can also host a fundraiser! When business owners choose to support a non-profit, charity event, or special cause by hosting a fundraiser, they're not only helping raise goodwill funds, they're also bringing positive attention to their company. Win-Win!

Charity Events, Special Causes

As a business owner, you can choose to host a fundraiser if you’ve recently started your own company, or if you’ve been in business for many years. You can also choose to host a fundraiser in person at a physical location, or online. It’s simply up to you to decide which fundraising platform is going to work best for promoting the type of fundraiser you’re choosing to host.

Or… you can choose to sponsor a local fundraising event vs. hosting. Taking this route means you can connect with a fundraiser of your choice to have your company’s information placed on any items they’re selling to raise funds, and is another fantastic way for you to promote your company’s brand.

Know that if you need easy fundraising ideas, we can help! 

Get Started By Hosting vs. Sponsoring a Fundraiser And Get The Word Out

Hosting a fundraiser requires you to take on all of the raising money responsibilities yourself, which means you're 100% in charge. You'll need to make all of the decisions, including the fundraising theme, where the fundraiser event will be hosted, how to promote an easy fundraising event, what types of products and ideas will be offered to help raise funds, and where the funds will be donated after the event is over.

Even though there's a lot of responsibility when it comes to hosting a fundraiser, if done right, the result is worth it!

Sponsoring a fundraiser differs in that instead of taking on all of the responsibilities of hosting a fundraiser, you can simply choose to sponsor another fundraiser. Connecting with local fundraisers taking place in your community is a great idea! When choosing to sponsor a fundraiser, you'll need to contact the committee of the fundraiser you choose to connect with and let them know that you would like to offer them some of your brand name promotional products to sell and raise funds. So simple!

The fundraiser benefits from receiving more products to sell to help support their cause, and you get the benefit of promoting your brand name products. Business owners who choose to take the sponsoring a fundraiser route must be sure to attend the fundraiser to put a face to the promotional products they've donated to the event. This allows anyone who has questions about certain promotional product's ability to get the answers straight from the owner.

Whether hosting or sponsoring a fundraiser, be sure to contact your local media for widespread coverage!

Specific Reasons to Host, Sponsor a Fundraiser and To Get The Word Out

A shortlist of reasons why connecting with a fundraiser is so you can make your company stand out, as a way of saying Thank You! to all of your clients, to support a special occasion, to turn a milestone celebration into something even more extraordinary, to raise awareness on a specific topic, and to directly connect with one's local community. While raising money to help support those in need is indeed a reward in itself, hosting or sponsoring a fundraiser increases your brand awareness, which in turn attracts new customers to your business.

This allows you to grow your customer base, an essential part of ensuring your company stays in business for many years to come. Be sure to have all of your ideas ready when preparing to promote any fundraisers you're connected with, including your company name and tagline, your company logo, and your contact information.

Be sure to focus on using the best fundraising ideas, as this helps to ensure your success!

Get Started By Raising Funds, Letters, Invitations 

Even though it may be tempting to send out your fundraising ideas and letters or invitations via email, writing personalized letters or invitations tends to add a special touch! Just imagine all of the positive responses you're sure to receive when sending out handwritten letters or invitations. This special touch will surely make your fundraiser stand out far above the rest, which is exactly what you want to happen.

One of the best ways for you to let potential donators know about any fundraisers you're connected with is to send out an informational letter. Invitations are appropriate for fundraisers that require donators to attend a special event, which can take place during the day or the night. Start by sending your fundraising ideas to your friends, family, employees, colleagues, and any business owners you know, making sure to tell them to please spread the word!

Be sure to add all of the details of your fundraiser in your promotional content, as the more people learn about your fundraiser, the more likely they’ll contribute. For example, list your promo products as gifts for those who donate a certain amount of money, or promote a special swag bag for the one person who donates the amount that puts the charity over their goal. You can even offer small promo gift items to everyone who makes an any-sized donation, like keychains or stylus pens.

Also, let people know if there’ll be a physical event to attend, if the fundraiser is online-only, or if both options to donate are available. If there's a physical location for the fundraiser, be sure to add the address, as well as any instructions that will help get people there. If there's an online fundraising ideas page, be sure that the links you add are correct so that they’ll properly work.

Lastly, include your raising money goal, and a little about how the donations will be used to help others. Remember that it's the fine details that people are looking for when considering participating in a event.

Know that you not only want to grab your community’s attention, you also want to reach people on a statewide or even a nationwide basis!

Fundraisers Help Support Local Businesses

There are a few different ways you can use your promo products to raise funds for your local company. You can sell them to raise money, you can offer them as giveaways to help spread the word about your upcoming raising money event, and/or you can offer them as gifts for those who donate a certain amount of money. Just be sure to choose promo items that fit in well with the type of business you have. This way, you're sure to choose the promo gifts that are somehow connected to the fundraiser you’ve chosen to host or sponsor.

Understand that while choosing to use regular products will work, imagine how people will view your business when you choose to use brand name promo products! Deciding to use brand name promotional items easily ups your brand another level, which is important these days to differentiate your business from the rest of your competition.

Know that you can bump it up another whole level by offering brand name swag bags. Wow!

Brand Name Promo Products Ideas

What better way to promote your company than by connecting with one or more globally recognized brands? Brand name promo items are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to be a recipient. That’s why many business owners are choosing to connect with at least one popular brand name to make their business brand stand out more.

So what types of brand name promotional products should you choose when participating in raising money activities? Because there are so many options for you to choose from these days, know that you can contact us so that we can help you narrow down your choices!

Selecting brand name promotional items that are in line with your business helps to ensure the overall success of your business.

Brand Name Schwag Bags Raising Bids

There are many fundraising ideas for you to choose from, including Swag Bags! A brand name Swag Bag makes for a great bidding item or fundraising gift, as these promo bags include a variety of promo items, making it so everyone will want one when attending an event. Swag Bags can also be created as customized gifts for the highest donators, encouraging bides to place the highest bids! Whether you choose to sell Swag Bags to raise donations, or as a way to entice people to donate a certain amount of money, your Brand Name Swag Bags must be created in a way that makes everyone want one.

Top Promotional Products Fund Raising Ideas

Wondering which of the literally thousands of promo items you should choose when involved with peer fundraising activities? One of the more important promo items you can choose is t-shirts! While providing all of the staff and volunteers who are participating in the raising funds with a brand name t-shirt that’s imprinted with your company’s information is a must, be sure to order plenty so you can also give them away before, during, and even after the event is over.

Which t-shirt brand would you like your company to be associated with? Top brand name t-shirt companies include Fruit of the LoomHanes®, JerzeesGildanNext Level, and Bella & Canvas.

The below logo product lists include a variety of suggested brand name promo products, which are categorized by popularity, and price. Know that you can choose just a few products or many!

It’s really up to you when it comes to deciding which logo products are appropriate, as well as how many of each promo item you need. Ready to choose your promo items? 

Top 7 Raising Money Ideas Promo Items Under $10

This list includes promotional products for fund raisers that cost LESS than $10 each.

Tote Bags. This Natural Canvas Convention Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap is a perfect promotional product to be used for raising money purposes! It seems like everyone is carrying around at least 1 tote bag with them nowadays, making tote bags a super popular way to raise money with a promotional product. This lightweight tote bag is made from biodegradable materials, and we’ll imprint your company's information on the front side of this everything tote bag using one eye-catching color. Cool!

Umbrellas. Clear umbrellas are fashionable right now, making this 46" Arc Clear Umbrella a great promo item to offer at an event. The metal frame, the clear POE material, and the automatic opening feature all make this a quality umbrella that’ll surely last for many years! We use the screen print method to add your brand information, which will be placed on the front side in a space that’s’ 7” wide and 4 1/2“ high, making it easily viewable.

Water Bottles. Sweda offers this stylish Hampton Water Bottle, which holds an impressive 34 oz of one's favorite drink! Available in blue, red, and gray, everyone’s going to want this promotional item as soon as they see it. The wide-mouth screw-on lid is preferred when using water bottles, and the woven fabric carry handle makes carrying it around easy to do. We’ll screen print your brand info on the side, allowing everyone who sees it to know your company is one that chooses to represent itself using quality promo items.

Handheld Paper Fans. Handheld paper fans are back! These handy fans are compact, making them easy to carry around and use whenever someone needs some cooling air to beat the heat. Handing out your personalized promo fans before a raising money event is suggested, as those who need a little heat relief are likely to stay longer. Some of the more popular paper fan styles include this 3-Leaf Shamrock Clover Recycled Paper Hand Fan Sandwich, this Bread Slice Glued Hand Fan With Four Color Process Imprint, and this Circle Shape Hand Fan.

Drinking Glasses. This 15 Oz. Cyclone Hurricane Drinking Glass is so cool, everyone will surely want a set of 2 of these attractive hurricane drinking glasses! This style of drinking glass is one that often reminds one of being in New Orleans or Las Vegas, as consuming drinks from this type of drinking glass makes one’s drink seem extra special. We’ll use 1 color to wrap your company's ideas around the bottom part of the glass using either the screen print imprinting method, the pad print imprinting method, or the digital print imprinting method.

Writing Pens. These Neon Stylus Highlighter-Pen Combos are sure to be popular, as the bright neon colors help ensure these pens are never lost! This cool promo pen also comes with a highlighter and a stylus tool. Wow! People use pens every single day, and this pen offers them the benefit of having a highlighter and a stylus tool super handy when needed. This makes this promotional item a great choice to include at fundraising events in batch amounts. Available colors include neon blue, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, and neon yellow.

Lanyards. This "Layton" 3-in-1 Lanyard Cell Phone Charging Cable is a perfect promo item for getting your brand noticed during a fundraising event! This lanyard is 34” long and includes a 3-in-1 charging cable, a micro USB charging attachment, as well as the new Type-C connector that works with the newest cell phones. While this is a great promo gift all in itself, it can also be used as a badge holder, making it a multi-use item. We’ll add your company's information using the screen print method, which will be imprinted on the front of the lanyard. Nice!

Top 7 Promo Items & Ideas Under $25   

This list includes promotional products for fundraisers ideas that cost LESS than $25 each.

SmartPhone Accessories. This Pro Power Phone Accessory Kit and this Deluxe Cell Phone Charging and Accessory Travel Kit both make great promo items for raising funds! The Phone Accessory Kit comes with everything needed to support mobile devices when on the go, and your information will be imprinted on the front of the case using the screen print method. The Charging and Accessory Travel Kit is available in black, red, or blue, and includes traveling accessories that make it easier than ever to manage one’s cell phone needs.

Vacuum Water Bottle. This Persona® Wave Vacuum Water Bottle holds an impressive 20 oz of one’s favorite cold or hot beverage! The sleek design is one that anyone will appreciate, as well as the screw-on lid that's 100% leakproof. Made using stainless steel, this cool water bottle is vacuum insulated for optimal heat and cold retention, allowing hot drinks to stay hot and cold drinks to stay cold for hours on end! Available in 13 attractive colors, we’ll print your company’s information on the front of this bottle using 1 of 3 imprinting methods - screen print, digital print, laser engraving.

Tote Bags. We’ll imprint your company's information on the front side of this cool Tradewind Canvas and Jute Tote™ Bag, which is available in natural beige and navy blue. This particular promo tote bag is one that’s both elegant and durable, as it's very fashionable, and made using high-quality materials. You can choose to have your promo ideas imprinted using the embroidery method, or the laser engraving method, as it's up to you to decide which imprinting method best represents your company!

Pen Sets. This Cutter & Buck Executive Pen Set is a classic promo gift! Everyone uses pens, and this notable brand name pen set is one that includes ebony black bottom barrels along with mirror-finish chrome upper barrels. The signature Cutter and Buck® middle ring and chrome accents let everyone know this is indeed a high-quality pen. We’ll use the screen print or laser engraving method to add your company's information to the cap of this striking pen set. Cool!

Portable Fans. This 3 Speed Portable Fan is a perfect promo item for fundraisers that either take place in hot locations that support using a fan, or for fundraisers that are based on a theme in which portable fans can play a part. Comes with a micro USB Type-A along with a charging cable, and the LED button makes this promo fan super easy to turn off and on. Available in dark blue or white, we’ll use the pad print imprinting method to place your businesses information either on the base of the fan, or the handle of the fan.

Coffee Mugs. Everyone loves coffee mugs! Buying 2 of these Basecamp Sequoia Coffee Mugs is recommended, as people who participate in fundraisers are more likely to bid on coffee mugs when they're listed in sets of 2 or 4. This quality coffee mug includes a vacuum insulated double wall, so it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours! Available in black, white, or graphite, we’ll use the screen print or digital print imprinting method to place your company's information right on the front of these cool Basecamp coffee mugs.

Logo Hats. This Hoffman Dad Hat is a perfect fundraising choice, and for both men and women! This 6-panel dad hat includes a fashionable curved brim, as well as an adjustable metal buckle to make it fit whoever’s lucky enough to be the recipient of this cool promo hat. Because your business information will go right on the front side of this hat, your logo will perfectly fit into the round or rectangle patch we use, making this a great promotioanl product for businesses that need to raise money.

Top 5 Promo Items Under $50   

This list includes promotional products for fundraisers that cost LESS than $50 each.

#1 – Camping Sets. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will surely enjoy this Big Sur Camo BBQ Camping Set! Your company's information will be imprinted using the digital print method on the front top of this impressive camping set, which will remind anyone lucky enough to receive this fundraising product about your company every time they use it. So what's included? 4 different cutting knives, a spatula, a fork and serving spoon, a corkscrew bar tool, a cutting board, and a double tooth saw. Wow!

#2 – Hoodies. This North Face® Pullover Hoodie is sure to be a fashion hit at any fundraising event! This soft, lightweight pullover hoodie will keep anyone warm when in chilly weather, and the North Face® name ensures quality. The front pouch pocket, along with the ribbed cuffs, adds a lot of style to this cool cotton blend pullover hoodie. Available in 5 trending colors, and sizes small through triple extra-large. you can choose to have your company's information imprinted on this North Face® hoodie using the screen print, or the embroidery method.

#3 – Drinkware. Who wouldn’t enjoy bidding on this cool BUILT® Duo Vacuum Insulated Drinkware Gift Set? There are many different types of drinkware available these days, and this particular set is one that includes all of the bells and whistles that make it super special! Available in silver, gunmetal, and rose gold, we’ll place your company's information in wraparound style when you choose this fashionable set of insulated drinkware for fundraising reasons.

#4 – Travel Organizers. This American Tourister® Voyager Travel Organizer is a fundraising promo item that’s sure to get lots of bids! This high-quality travel organizer allows users to use it in 3 different ways, making it extremely versatile. There are plenty of pockets and compartments, making it easy to organize one’s items when using this impressive medium-sized travel organizer bag. We’ll print your company’s information right on the front of this organizer using either the screen print, digital print, or embroidery imprinting method. Nice!

#5 – Desktop Organizers. Or maybe this Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad Desktop Organizer is a better promo product to represent your company? This desktop organizer is one that makes it super easy for anyone to charge their cell phone, and includes everything they need to make the charging process one that's super simple! We’ve decided that laser engraving is the best imprinting method for this particular fundraising item, and we’ll use it to place your company’s information on either the charging pad or the side tray. Which do you prefer?

Top 5 Fund Raising Ideas Promo Items Over $50

This list includes promotional products Ideas for fundraisers that cost MORE than $50 each.

#1 – Backpacks. This 20L Essential Backpack is made by DRI DUCK, a company that places a large emphasis on creating backpacks that are functional, durable, and can stand the test of time. The front zippered pocket, the padded laptop sleeve, the hook and loop closure side pockets, and the padded adjustable shoulder straps all make this particular backpack one that anyone will appreciate owning! We’ll print your promo information on the front of this cool backpack using either the screen print or the embroidery imprinting method.

#2 – Food, Candy, Treats. This 1930-Era Tractor-Trailer Truck with Chocolate Covered Almonds & Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews is so cool! Anyone that has anything to do with the tractor or trailer industry will surely appreciate this promo item, and accordingly, place a bid on it. And because each truck is made by hand and not a machine, this item is sure to become a treasured collectible. We’ll use the hot stamp imprinting method to place your company’s information on the sides of this 12.25” x 3.25” x 4.25” tractor-trailer, which includes 2 5-oz packages of chocolate covered almonds and extra fancy jumbo cashews. Yum!

#3 – Beach Chairs. How cool is this Bahama Beach Chair? This really impressive beach chair is sure to grab the attention of everyone who's participating in the fundraiser! Hand-free carrying makes it easy to carry this beach chair to any water source for a day of fun and relaxation. There's even a handy seatback pocket to keep one’s items. like books, cell phones, and water bottles. Available in red, blue, or black, we’ll imprint your company's information using the screen print method in a 12 x 9 area right on the upper front part of this chair.

#4 – Blankets. This luxurious Appalachian Sherpa Blanket will surely be one of the more popular items offered at a fundraising event! This super plush blanket has faux suede on one side, and soft Sherpa on the other. Because this particular promo item is one that’s quite extravagant, we've decided to offer the embroidery imprinting method to place your company's information on the corner bottom of this dual-color Sherpa Blanket. When embroidery is used on promo products, it makes them look much more professional.

#5 – Jackets. Who wouldn’t want to receive this fashionable Women's Hooded Packable Down Jacket made by 32 Degrees? Available in black (as black goes with everything!), just imagine how your company's information will look when imprinted on the upper left chest of this water and wind resistant lightweight jacket. The high-density nylon shell, the duck down, feather filling combo, and the detachable hood all work together to make this a jacket that will surely bring in big bucks at any fundraiser event!

Top 5 Swag Bag Ideas A Way To Raise Money

This list includes examples of promotional products that would make for fantastic fundraising swag bags. Know that the sky’s the limit!

Cell Phone Swag Bag. Everyone owns a cell phone nowadays, making a cell phone theme a great idea for a fundraiser swag bag! Because swag bags tend to include multiple promotional products, you'll need to pick and choose which items you'll want to include in a cell phone themed swag bag. Be sure that the cell phone-related items and accessories you choose are going to impress the high bidder who wins this cell phone themed swag bag!

To get you started, how about this Luxury RFID Wallet and Phone Holder, or this pair of Cell Phone Pocket Shorts, or this "Phone Throne" Cell Phone and Tablet Stand, or this "Slim Charge" Super Slim & Compact Wireless Cell Phone Charging Pad, or this Cell Phone Charger Travel Kit that includes Tech Components? Simply choose a variety of promotional products related to cell phones, and you're sure to create the perfect fundraising swag bag!

Fashion Swag Bag. Fashionable clothing makes for the best swag bags! Everyone loves to wear the latest fashions, and all it takes to make the perfect fashion swag bag is to choose a variety of clothing items, as well as a few fashionable accessories, like sunglasses and shoulder bags. Just be sure to keep in mind which fashion items will best align with your company, as there are thousands of promotional clothing items for you to choose from!

A few of the more popular fashion promo items that are currently trending include this BELLA+CANVAS® Unisex Triblend Sponge Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie, this American Apparel Unisex Flex Fleece Drop Shoulder Pullover Crewneck, this Carhartt® Fleece Hat, this Chateau Chenille Fringed Blanket, this pair of Under Armour® Assist Sunglasses, this Adult Bomber Jacket, and this Lamborghini Light Brown Shoulder Bag. Nice!

Fitness Swag Bag. No matter what someone does to stay fit these days, they want the getting fit process to be a super simple one. Creating a schwag bag with a theme centered around fitness, allows you to choose a variety of fitness-based promo items that can make it easier than ever for anyone to stay fit. This is sure to be popular fundraising ideas, so be sure to take the time to pick and choose any promo items related to fitness so that this particular swag bag can bring in the highest donations!

Fitness promo ideas to consider include this 100% Cotton Velour Fitness Towel, this Athletic 4-Piece Fitness Gift Set, this Cobra Fitness and Yoga Mat, this Exercise Body Band, this Food & Fitness Notebook, and this Hand Grip Fitness Bottle. Lastly, how about adding this Mink Touch Luxury Robe, or this Royal Fleet Smart Fitness Tracker to your fitness-based swag bag to bring your promo items to another whole level? Smart!

Camping Swag Bag. You simply can’t go wrong when choosing to offer camping themed swag bag for fundraising purposes! Camping out tends to be a popular pastime, and because there are different types of camping options (tent, RV, adventure, etc.), you have lots of options when choosing to create a swag bag full of camping promo items. Which of the hundreds of camping promo items will you choose to add to your swag bag?

How about this 3 in 1 Adventure Blanket, or this cool Good Value Camping Light or this Basecamp Grizzly Camping Light with Speaker, or this 12-in-1 Camping Multi-Tool with Self-Storing Binoculars, or this Camper II Two-Piece Camping Mug Gift Set, or this High Sierra® Deluxe Camping Chair? Want to splurge? Then this Fusion Chair Deluxe Portable Extra-Comfort, Handy Sports/Camping Chair is a perfect splurge choice!

Treat Yourself! Swag Bag. Everyone should treat themselves now and again, making creating a swag bag that’s full of ways one can treat themselves a fantastic promo item for fundraisers! Bidders can bid on this promo item either for themselves or as a gift for someone they care about. Since there are many ways someone can choose to treat themselves. you'll need to decide which promo items you feel will make the highest bidder super satisfied.

Maybe this pair of really cool Tifosi Swick Sunglasses with Case is a good choice for you, or this 13.5 oz Pace Trail Vacuum Water Bottle, or this X Line On The Go Infuser Kit, or this Rest Up Collapsible Neck Pillow with Carrying Pouch, or this Pressure Point Massage Set, or this Men's Merton Soft Touch V-Neck Sweater or Vintage Women's Cotton Cashmere V-Neck Sweater?

TIPS & Ideas

The below beneficial tips and ideas will help any local business owner who chooses to host or sponsor a fundraising event experience the best fundraiser ever!

  • Choose a wide variety of promo products, for both selling and as promo gifts
  • Expand your reach by choosing to use crowd-sourced funding, like Kickstarter
  • If the fundraiser is at a physical location, choosing easy to carry promo items is a great idea
  • Physical locations will also benefit from your setting up a refreshment tent!
  • Be sure to show your appreciation for every single person involved in the fundraising venture, i.e. staff, volunteers

Got Questions About A Fundraising campaign?

In need of fundraising ideas? No problem, we can help! Since a large part of your job as a local businesses is to make sure your clients keep coming back, hosting a fundraiser from time-to-time is sure to make your brand stand out. For those who need help finding the best promo items to represent their chosen business, know that we have a team of specialists who can assist you at any time.

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