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Custom Snapback Hats

Are you looking for your next best promotional item? Great! Custom Snapbacks are sone of the best promo products you can select to promote your logo. This hat style is always trending. While it's beneficial to select at least 1 or 2 promotional products per year to make your brand stand out, know that there truly isn't a limit for how many promo products you can choose to set your company apart from the competition.

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Richardson 511

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Richardson 510

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Richardson 256

A Little About Snapbacks & Flat Bill Hats

So what exactly is a Snapback Hat? This particular type of hat is adjusted to perfectly fit your head by snapping the buttons located in the back of the hat, hence the name. They are the perfect choice for promoting your business, as it's a one size fits all. This means both men and women can wear your customize headware, as well as children and teenagers. Cool!

They are considered the perfect promo choice, as they effortlessly combine function with fashion. While they tend to be similar in appearance to baseball caps, the structured form of Snapbacks makes them just different enough to make them both unique and fashionable.

They are a trendy type of customizable hat due to their versatility, and because they're available in a variety of colors and styles, you have choices! For example, you can select a trucker hats or other custom headware to represent your brand.

If you need a little help choosing the right style hat to represent your company, you can always call our experienced team for their professional advice. Nice!

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Richardson 253

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Richardson 113

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Richardson 168

Customizing Snapbacks

Once you've chosen the style of the hat customisation, you would like to represent your company. The next step is deciding what you want to be placed on your snapbacks to characterize your brand correctly. The trick is making your custom designed snapback hats stand out from the rest, as this is the best way for them to get noticed!

Maybe you have a great logo that would look great on a your hat? Or would you prefer to have your slogan, included? Or maybe you'd select to have the message imprinted on your caps?

If you happen to need a little assistance when it comes to choosing what you want to be placed on your custom Snapbacks, know that our experienced team can also provide you with their professional advice. Our team is available to you throughout the entire promotional ordering process, so keep this in mind when choosing all of your promo products!

Hat Imprinting Methods

Screen printing and embroidery are the two more popular types of imprinting we use to make your Snapbacks. Which customization do you think will best fit? NOTE: We find that the best style of caps that supports the screen imprinting method includes Foam Front Truckers and High Crown Canvas Front Truckers.

Screen Printing Your Hat

Why would someone choose the screen printing process when in need of headware? Screen printing is a type of imprinting in which ink is forced through a large number of small holes to create a design that's placed on the hat. Since each color needs to go through this timely imprinting process, this printion option tends to be ideal for single color logos or designs. (It's possible to use screenprinting when using multiple colors, it just requires the process to be performed for every color, which may take more time to complete an order.

embroidery styles for custom napback hats

Adding Embroidery To Your Hat

Why choose embroidery on a snapback hat? Choosing to add your logo using the embroidery is the most stylish ways to design your promotional caps. Embroidery is also very durable, stylish, timeless, and affordable. The bottom line is that embroidered snapback hats look very professional, which in turn allows anyone to see that you truly care about making great decisions when using promotional products to spread the word about your brand.

patch styles

Adding Patches

You can also add patches to your custom Snapback Hats. Cool! There's a wide variety of different sized and different shaped patches that can be designed for you and then added to your caps. You can select premade shapes, or you can create a unique shape created to represent your brand. Once you've decided on your patch's shape, you'll then need to decide on the thread colors used to create your patches.

At The Monterrey Company, we currently offer PVC, woven, sublimation, leather, and embroidery patches. In a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, oval, square, rectangle, hexagon, round edge rectangle, and diamond. Patches are considered a traditional method for creating headware. That means for many business owners, and this will be the perfect choice for creating their custom designed snapbacks.

Once you've chosen and designed your unique patch, we'll then transfer it to your Snapbacks using either the heat pressing process or the stitching process. So Simple!

inside hat labels

Adding Inside Labels

We can also customize your snapback hats so that they include inside labels. Inside labels on custom hats tend to add that little extra touch that can bring your promotional items to an entirely new level! Adding inside labels should be thoroughly explored, especially if you have a great logo that stands out. Sone of your promotional goals might be to make your logo instantly recognizable by anyone who sees it, with great logo examples seen daily at the beach or company event.

Many additional benefits come with choosing to add Inside Labels to your caps. Sone of these benefits is that it makes your brand look a lot more professional. People want quality nowadays more than ever, as too many businesses these days are merely overlooking the need to offer their customers both quality in products and quality in service. Another benefit of adding inside labels? They're a constant reminder that your company's design helps focus on the fine details.

When you choose to have inside labels imprinted on to your snapbacks, you're sure to impress anyone lucky enough to have one! Adding this extra touch is sure to make your design stand out even more, which is extremely important when it comes to competing in today's business world.

Ready to Place an Order?

Now that you understand more about how snapback caps can be used to promote your business and bring it to another level, have you decided whether or not this hat choice is the right choice to represent your company? If it is, we invite you to contact us now to place your order. Please feel free to ask any questions you have, as our  customer service team is available to help you in any manner necessary.

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