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Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients

Ready to spoil both your employees and your clients by giving them the best corporate gifts? At Monterrey Promo, we offer lots of corporate gifts, making it so that you have choices! It really is important for you as a business owner to let your employees and clients know how much you appreciate them, and by giving them corporate gifts, you're adding that extra touch that simply makes your business stand out from the rest.

We suggest you choose one or more of the brand name promotional gifts we offer that can make the lives of your employees and clients easier, as well as more fun! Know that these corporate gifts are going to remind them of you and your generosity every time they use or see them, so what better way to let them  know just how much you appreciate them?

Connecting with Brand Names

When you're looking for the best, as well as the most appropriate gift choices for your employees and clients, know that Monterrey Promo is your one-stop shop! We offer brand name promo products, as connecting with famous brands helps get your brand noticed. When it comes to corporate gifting, going through our long list of products in order to find the best promo items for your employees, as well as the best promo items for your clients, is your next step.

If you need help finding a certain brand name promo product, don’t hesitate to contact us so one of our experienced team members can provide you with the assistance you need. We’re here for you!

We know that our brand name products will definitely get your brand noticed. Once we add your customizations to the brand name products you choose, they become your products. There are many famous brands that people recognize, and use often, and by your associating with these brands, you're getting the benefit of automatically boosting your company's brand reputation. So simple!

Best Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients

What are some of the best and most appreciated corporate gifts? That’s up to you to decide! What do you think your employees and clients will appreciate? Keep in mind to try and choose brand name gifts that are in line with your company’s niche.


Do you think your employees and/or clients would benefit from receiving a really cool tech gift?

Tech Gifts for Employees - Under $25. Nothing says Thank You like this really cool Phantom Mini Charger Key Chain! UL Certified, this power bank emergency battery charger offers a minimum of 2 hours of charge time. Your branded information will be added to the top of this really cool tech gift using the laser engraving imprinting method.

Tech Gifts for Employees – Over $25. This stylish Wells Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker will include your company’s info right on the top of this super trendy speaker. An IPX7 waterproof rating means this speaker can be submerged underwater, making it so no one has to worry about getting this high-quality outdoor speaker wet while enjoying listening to music outside.

Tech Gifts for Clients - Under $25. This 5W Bamboo Print Desktop Wireless Charger is both attractive and handy! Imagine your logo imprinted on this charging pad, which will be imprinted on the base of the charger using the digital imprint method or laser engraving method. Since your clients are sure to use this high-quality cell charger on a daily basis, they’ll think of you and your generosity every single time. Nice!

Tech Gifts for Clients - Over $25. This lightweight, portable Tuscany™ Tech Case and Power Bank Gift Set includes everything one needs to have necessary power at any given moment, and starts at prices as low as $25.85. Wow! Your company's information is included on both the power bank, and the case using the deboss imprinting method.


Everyone uses some form of drinkware these days, making choosing drinkware for everyday use, or drinkware for special occasions an ideal corporate promo gift.

Drinkware Gifts for Employees - Under $25. Everyone uses some type of drinking bottle nowadays, making this Tundra 20oz Bottle a sure hit with your employees! Color options are many, making it so you can choose a color that’s aligned with your business. We use the pad print and digital print imprint methods to add your promotional info to this Tundra Bottle, which keeps cold things cold for up to 24 hours, and hot things hot for up to 12 hours. Impressive!

Drinkware Gifts for Employees - Over $25. Up it another level by choosing this Tundra Growler 64oz drinkware container as a corporate gift for your employees! This Tundra promo item is one that holds a remarkable 64 oz of cold or hot drinks due to its double-wall construction. The narrow mouth opening is preferred, and it’s BPA-free. What more can one ask for?

Drinkware Gifts for Clients - Under $25. A set of these 14 oz. Executive Double Old Fashion, which will be deep etched with your logo, are a perfect corporate gift choice for your clients! This sturdy glass is quite thick and thus durable, making it strong enough for everyday use. It can also be presented as a gift to be used for special occasions, or even as a display due to their exceptional appearance.

Drinkware Gifts for Clients - Over $25. This BUILT® Duo Vacuum Insulated Drinkware Gift Set comes in gunmetal, silver, and rose gold, of which all represent class. Imagine your clients using this promo item on a daily basis! They'll see things like your business name, your business logo, your tagline, as well as info about what you do, every time they use this classy tumbler set. Nice!


Everyone wants to be fashionable, and branded clothing is deemed to be one of the best corporate gifts for employees and clients alike!

Fashion Gifts for Employees – Under $25. We can customize your promo fashion items in a way that makes your brand really stand out! This Sport-Tek® Spectator Scarf is a perfect corporate fashion gift for your employees, which is available in 15 different color combos. Both women and men wear scarves in chilly weather, making this a useful, everyday gift in cold weather months. We use the embroidery imprinting method to add your promo info to this 61” x 8” high-quality scarf.

Fashion Gifts for Employees - Over $25. People are busy these days, making this Leverage Hoody easy to throw on when heading out the door. A kangaroo pocket with hidden media pocket makes it all that more special. We’ll add your promo info using the embroidery imprinting method, which can be placed on the left chest, right chest, left sleeve, right sleeve, full back, or yoke. Available in black, heather charcoal and heather royal, and in sizes small to 4 XL.

Fashion Gifts for Clients – Under $25. What client wouldn’t enjoy being the recipient of this classic Delta® T-Shirt and Sunglasses Combo Set With Custom Box? We’ll add your company’s info to the front of the t-shirt, and to the sides of the sunglasses. This perfectly affordable corporate gift for clients is unisex-friendly, and comes in a large variety of trending colors. It even comes with its own gifting box, so all you have to do is order, receive, and gift it to your clients!

Fashion Gifts for Clients - Over $25. This Classic Reversible Jacket is sure to show your clients just how much you appreciate them! Available in black, navy, and dark green, this goes with everything jacket is both water and wind resistant. The little details, like contrasting piping and front welt pockets, make this everyday use jacket one that any client would appreciate. We use the embroidery imprinting method to add your company information to this popular brand name fashion item.


What type of promotional office items will they enjoy using day in and day out?

Cool Office Gifts for Employees – Under $25. This Office Fun Game Set is going to be a sure hit with your employees! This compact desktop game set includes classics, like checkers, chess, cribbage, and dominoes. Also comes with a deck of cards, and a set of dice, and an all in one convenient storage box that includes your logo right on top. Imagine the fun your employees will have during their break or at lunch time!

Cool Office Gifts for Employees - Over $25. This Jelly Bean Machine is not only for jelly beans, employees who receive this really cool corporate office gift can use it to enjoy any of their small favorite candy treats. At 11” high, it's a perfect height to sit in the corner of one's desk. Whenever one of your employees wants to enjoy a treat, all they have to do is reach over, and twist the knob to instantly receive a handful of yummy treats. Fun!

Cool Office Gifts for Clients – Under $25. This 4 Piece Faux Marble Desktop Set is a classic desk item, making it so any of your clients who receive this corporate gift will be 100% happy with their gift. The faux marble look will add style to any desk for sure! The Set includes a notepad, a hole punch, a stapler, staple refills, and a pen cup. Your promo information will be added to the front of the pen cup using the deboss imprinting method.

Cool Office Gifts for Clients - Over $25. Looking for the best corporate gift for your clients? How about this really cool, high-quality Coaster Desk Caddy? This Coaster Caddy comes with 4 leather coasters, which are fully stitched around the perimeter for that extra special touch. They also include a suedine backing so they can’t cause harm to any surface. We’ll imprint your logo on all 4 coasters using either the deboss method, or the hot stamp method.


Do your employees and/or clients need something to help keep them organized?

Professional Bag, Tote Gifts for Employees – Under $25. Look no further, as this 18 Ounce Cotton Canvas Tote is a perfect size for anything your employees need to tote around to get through the day. Or it can be used when attending special events, going to the beach, or to place bought items in to prevent having to use unnecessary additional bags when shopping. So versatile!

Professional Bag, Tote Gifts for Employees - Over $25. This Goblet and Bottle Set with Non-Woven Mini Gift Tote Bag will be a sure hit with your employees! This convenient corporate tote bag gift simply adds class when enjoying a drink, and is perfectly appropriate to use at any time of the day or night. Your promo info will be placed on all 4 items, and we use the screen print imprinting method on this particular promo product.

Professional Bag, Tote Gifts for Clients – Under $25. This cost-effective promo item is one that will easily get your brand name noticed! This particular Backpack Tote is a little different from most, making it unique. The pull-string main compartment has plenty of room, and there’s a place on the back for your clients to place their business cards. With 2  water bottle holders, this Backpack Tote is sure to become an everyday favorite!

Professional Bag, Tote Gifts for Clients - Over $25. Looking for the best corporate tote bag gifts? This Adult Core Tote Bag is a must for your clients! This Tote Bag screams both style and quality, making it so your clients will surely become dependent on using this professional bag on an everyday basis. Available in black and heather, we use the screen print and the embroidery imprinting method to add your business info.


Would your employees and/or clients enjoy receiving workout wear and/or workout equipment?

Workout Wear, Equipment Gifts for Employees – Under $25. This High Energy Workout Kit is the perfect kit everyone needs when working out! The Kit comes with a sports bottle, earbuds with case, cooling towel, a bag of trail mix, and anti-bacterial spray. Everything fits into the drawstring backpack, making it super easy to keep everything in one easy to find place. We use the screen print method to add you promo info to all items, including the bag. Wow!

Workout Wear, Equipment Gifts for Employees - Over $25. This Unisex Salt And Pepper Gym Short is sure to be a hit with all of your employees! We’ll print your logo on the left, right, or upper back area, so you have choices for sure. We use the embroidery imprinting method for this piece of quality clothing, making this corporate gift for employees one they will appreciate for many years. This pair of super comfy workout shorts is available in sizes small to extra-large.

Workout Wear, Equipment Gifts for Clients – Under $25. This ColorFusion Workout Towel is a perfect choice for clients who work out, as well as those who run marathons! This Turkish towel is blended with the classic terrycloth material, making it very absorbent. Even comes with a convenient loop for easy hanging! We’ll print your company’s info on the front side using the digital print method. Buying 2 is recommended, due to their affordability.

Workout Wear, Equipment Gifts for Clients - Over $25. This Cozy Essentials Gift Set is a wonderful corporate gift for your clients. Available in 9 trending colors, your clients will receive a super soft and cozy fleece blanket, as well as the BaseCamp Tundra 20 oz. Stainless Steel Bottle. Wow! We’ll use the screen print imprinting method to add your promo info. This high-quality promotional product is sure to get your business noticed!

Food Gifts, Candy

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and what better way to show you appreciate them than by giving them super yummy food gifts?

Food, Candy Gifts for Employees – Under $25. Who doesn’t love cookies? Your employees will surely enjoy receiving this 1 Gallon Gift Tin with Cookies as a corporate gift! Cookies are Nabisco’s famous chocolate chip cookies, and you're free to add even more cookie treats if you’re feeling extra generous. Tin comes in gold, red, or white, and we’ll imprint your promo message right on the front using either the screen print method, or the digital print method.

Food, Candy Gifts for Employees - Over $25. Your employees will surely appreciate this What's Pop'N Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set! Included is a really cool popcorn bowl, a package of Pop’ N Wow carnival classic non-GMO popcorn, and 2 different natural popcorn seasonings. We’ll print your company’s logo on the upper front side of the bowl using the screen print method. Movie night has never been so fun!

Food, Candy Gifts for Clients – Under $25. This Mug and Choc Chip Cookies Gift Box is something every single one of your clients will surely enjoy! This corporate gift comes with a classic 14 oz mug, and a bag of everybody's favorite cookie - chocolate chip cookies. Mug color choices include black, white, midnight blue, red, yellow, navy, orange, and lime. We’ll use the hot stamp imprinting method to add your company's information to the ribbon, and because this gift already includes a gift box, you can gift it as soon as you receive it!

Food, Candy Gifts for Clients - Over $25. Every one of your clients will unquestionably enjoy receiving Chocolate Almonds & Cashews as a corporate gift! Included in the wooden collectors box is a bag of chocolate covered almonds, and a bag of extra fancy cashews. We’ll add your logo to the center of the collectors box using the hot stamp imprinting method, which your clients can use to store any number of items after enjoying their treats. Nice!

Ready to Place Your Order?

After looking at the above list of corporate gifts for employees and clients, have you already chosen your brand name promo gifts? Brand name promo items are sure to leave a lasting impression on those who are lucky enough to be a recipient! Monterey Promo offers a large variety of custom manufactured products, which means you have choices.

Contact us now and let us know what you need, and we'll make it happen!

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